Paranormal magazine delves into the dark world of ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, weird phenomena, folklore and magick.

Millions of people have experienced the uncanny, the mysterious, the inexplicable or the mystical in their lives, but you do not need to “believe” in the paranormal to enjoy Paranormal Magazine. If you possess an open mind and are curious about the world around you, this is the magazine for you. Engaging, intriguing, fascinating, sometimes startling and sometimes scary.

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We once again cast an eye over some of the lesser known aspects of the truly strange and frequently terrifying world that constitutes the supernatural. Vampires, inter-dimensional aliens, legal cases involving witchcraft and testimony from the dead, life in the spirit world and even a return to the notorious, demon haunted house at Amityville; it’s all here!

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This article packed issue is really special as it’s the first edition of Paranormal in a new digital format and it has the same fantastic array of articles. As befits such an auspicious event, it contains new sections and ideas, including ‘Open Skies, Open Minds’, which is inspired by the close relationship between UFOs and the paranormal. This, our first foray into UFOlogy includes a fascinating real-life study of abduction and contact by Dave Hodrien and a truly remarkable article, ‘Doorways’ by Mike Mott.

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This edition consisting of 24 articles, opens with regulars Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe looking into the reality of spells and curses while the multi-talented Richard T Cole takes a reasoned look at the notorious Victorian eccentric and magician Aleister Crowley. Dave Sadler and Kirst D’Raven look at the ancient natural formation of ‘Luds Church’ and dig into its magical past, and Mike Ganley examines one of the most remarkable aspects of mediumship; the ability of spirits to transform the physical appearance of the medium – something that has to be seen to be believed.

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This article packed issue contains the final chilling part of Mike Hallowell’s investigation, ‘The Ruler of The Roost’ describing what occurred when an ancient evil attached itself to a young family. We also read the second part of Steve Mera’s investigation of the unearthly Morecambe Succubus and Sean Robinson asks the question, could a picture actually contain the essence of a tortured soul?

Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe visit the reputedly haunted Skirrid Inn to see if it lives up to its ghostly reputation and Paranormal regular Dan Green introduces the rather alarming prospect that the human race has not yet stopped evolving and introduces the unlikely concept that autism might be another element in this process.

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In this edition, we find part one of ‘The Ruler of The Roost’, a truly terrifying encounter between Mike Hallowell and a treacherous nature spirit called a ‘Boggart’. This malignant entity was inflicting itself on a young family in the south-east of England and it was not going to leave quietly.

Dan Green investigates the possibility that all forms of divination may have a fundamental truth at their core, while Alan James looks into the possibility that particle physics might reveal considerably more about the paranormal than might at first appear, something that physicists are only now coming to realise.

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This edition of the magazine includes an article by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe on the ever enigmatic village of Rennes le Château and an account by the late Stephen Hodge of an experiment in global consciousness, and Karl Shuker supplies details of flesh-eating entities from ancient Japan. We also encounter powerful evidence for the phenomenon of ‘apports’, where anomalous objects spontaneously appear at séances etc. and the possibility that buildings have the facility to absorb and somehow store events that occurred within their walls.

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In this issue of Paranormal Magazine, new contributor Angus Huck evaluates the claims made by psychic Chris Robinson, that he can ‘dream the future’, and his findings should open a few eyes.

As always poltergeists make unnerving yet almost addictive reading and in this issue, we look at the astonishing and alarming case of the South Shields Poltergeist, and new columnist Stephen Hodge casts an academic, if slightly irreverent, eye over recent claims that we can actually sense the future.

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In this latest edition of Paranormal Magazine, we cover quite a range of subjects, including the remarkable Woodchester Mansion case. This was possibly one of the most disturbing and terrifying examples ever of a paranormal encounter simultaneously experienced by a diverse group of people. The use of the definition ‘paranormal’ has been used here rather than ‘haunting’ or ‘ghostly manifestation’, because it best covers a wide range of phenomena that, although they have obvious ghostly overtones, do not sit precisely in either camp.

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