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In this issue of Paranormal Magazine, new contributor Angus Huck evaluates the claims made by psychic Chris Robinson, that he can ‘dream the future’, and his findings should open a few eyes.

As always poltergeists make unnerving yet almost addictive reading and in this issue, we look at the astonishing and alarming case of the South Shields Poltergeist, and new columnist Stephen Hodge casts an academic, if slightly irreverent, eye over recent claims that we can actually sense the future.

Archie Lawrie presents the poignant tale of a long dead miner who still fought to free himself from the disaster that killed him. Andy Owens considers the possibility that some sort of tangible ‘energy’ creates and controls the conditions that permit some kinds of apparitions function.

Stephen Wakefield presents a thoughtful and detailed look at how the concept of demonic entities gradually evolved and developed from the earliest days of the human race.

With another example of our never-ending fascination with the poltergeist, why does this phenomenon always attract such attention? Darren Ritson and Mike Hallowell examine one recent case, and so much more!


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