This edition of the magazine includes an article by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe on the ever enigmatic village of Rennes le Château and an account by the late Stephen Hodge of an experiment in global consciousness, and Karl Shuker supplies details of flesh-eating entities from ancient Japan. We also encounter powerful evidence for the phenomenon of ‘apports’, where anomalous objects spontaneously appear at séances etc. and the possibility that buildings have the facility to absorb and somehow store events that occurred within their walls.

Tim Colman shows that there are valid experiments afoot apparently indicating that we do indeed pass over into a different form of ‘life’ after the physical body dies. Steve Mera casts some light on truly alarming events in Anglesey and Mike Oram tells of a childhood woodland encounter with the legendary ‘Old Hag’ while Bob Andrews recounts a lengthy conversation with something that defined itself as an ET. It was quite a conversation! This couple of paragraphs can only serve as the merest taster for the remarkable and sometimes nerve-shredding true-life accounts set out in the magazine.

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