Paranormal Magazine Issue 63 is available online at PocketMags! To purchase and view you can click here.

You can also purchase a printed copy of this issue (UK Only). Just click on the PayPal logo below and send your payment of £9.99. Postage costs are included in this price, and we will endeavour to post your order to you within 2 working days.

This edition consisting of 24 articles, opens with regulars Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe looking into the reality of spells and curses while the multi-talented Richard T Cole takes a reasoned look at the notorious Victorian eccentric and magician Aleister Crowley.

Dave Sadler and Kirst D’Raven look at the ancient natural formation of ‘Luds Church’ and dig into its magical past, and Mike Ganley examines one of the most remarkable aspects of mediumship; the ability of spirits to transform the physical appearance of the medium – something that has to be seen to be believed.

Darren Ritson investigates claims of haunting at ‘The Fusilier Pub’ and in ‘ET’s. In Saints and Devils, Alan James evaluates claims that there is little or no difference between them. We also find Susie Kearlie taking a stroll through the caves that form Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club and the magazine ends with Steven Tucker taking a look at claims that witchcraft has been used to influence the outcome of football matches. All this and much, much more.


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