Paranormal Magazine Issue 64 is available online at PocketMags! To purchase and view you can click here.

This article packed issue is really special as it’s the first edition of Paranormal in a new digital format and it has the same fantastic array of articles. As befits such an auspicious event, it contains new sections and ideas, including ‘Open Skies, Open Minds’, which is inspired by the close relationship between UFOs and the paranormal.

This, our first foray into UFOlogy includes a fascinating real-life study of abduction and contact by Dave Hodrien and a truly remarkable article, ‘Doorways’ by Mike Mott.

On the ‘conventional’ paranormal front (if it’s possible to use that term) investigator Steve Mera contributes another item from his casebook, this time about the alarming events that took place in a normal everyday council house. Richard Freeman contributes a really enigmatic and bone-chilling piece, ‘The Spider God’ which concerns Tulpas and describes what occurred when he literally ‘thought’ a giant spider into existence, while Terry Stocks contributes an article about exorcism and what it might really entail.

In ‘The Black Art’, Steven Wakefield examines the possibility that magick might be only too real and Don Phillips presents some astonishing pictorial evidence that Portals are very much a reality. This edition also includes a new book and DVD review section, something that you, the readers, have requested, we listened and here it is. Easy to say, but the magazine just goes from strength to strength, so get aboard and enjoy the journey.

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