In this latest edition of Paranormal Magazine, we cover quite a range of subjects, including the remarkable Woodchester Mansion case. This was possibly one of the most disturbing and terrifying examples ever of a paranormal encounter simultaneously experienced by a diverse group of people. The use of the definition ‘paranormal’ has been used here rather than ‘haunting’ or ‘ghostly manifestation’, because it best covers a wide range of phenomena that, although they have obvious ghostly overtones, do not sit precisely in either camp.

Thomas Sheridan asks us to consider the all too plausible possibility that psychopaths just might be demonically possessed. Are the random and frequently chilling acts committed by these individuals, the actions of a mentally unstable sociopath or is there something much more profound behind them? Are their bodies and those of notorious historical figures like Gilles de Rais actually overtaken by some malicious supernatural force?

On another enigmatic note, Dan Green brings yet another curious ‘crossover’ tale from that most enigmatic of locations, Rennes le Château. This leads to a serious point: these ‘crossover’ tales traverse a very narrow margin between hardcore supernatural events and Ufology, are the insights and thoughts of the respected researchers John A Keel and Jacques Vallee valid?

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