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In this issue we discover the life and times of the man who created Dracula, the most terrifying and charismatic creation ever to grace the world of fiction

We also discover what happened to Andrew Gough when he was temporarily locked inside the tomb of Akhenaten and was ‘possessed’ by an ancient entity.

Andrew Hennessey reveals that demons have been with us since the beginning of time, the problem is that for the most part we just don’t see them.

Denis Price gives an account of his paranormal encounters when he investigated two hauntings in the beautiful country of Greece.

There have been many amazing and talented mystics and psychics. In this article Martin Faulks introduces us to Franz Bardon, one who seems to have slipped through the net.

President Nick Kyle gives a first-hand account of his experiences of The Scole Experiment, one of the most famous attempts ever to prove the existence of the afterlife.

Clinical psychologist Peter McCue presents his take on the effectiveness of various kinds of mediumship and mediums.

Poltergeists are probably one of the most alarming examples of paranormal phenomena that can befall a human being. In this article, John Vaux looks at the reality of poltergeists by way of the film, ‘The Exorcist’, and much else besides.


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