Featured in this issue:

NICK POPE – Towards a Scientific and Societal Agenda on Extraterrestrial Life.


INTERVIEW WITH GIORGIO TSOUKALOS – Sean Casteel interviews Giorgio Tsoukalos.

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS – Smoking Gun of Egyptolgy found or not ?

1945 UFO CRASH PART 1 – UFO crash at San Anotonio – Part One by Paola Harris.

BERWYN DEBUNKERS – Scott Felton answers the critics of the Berwyn Mountains UFO crash.

SECRET SPACE PROGRAM – Is there a secret space program? Richard Thomas looks behind the Gary McKinnon affair.

JAMES GILLILAND – Lorin Cutts takes this opportunity to interview James Gilliland at his ranch near Mount Adams.

ET CONTACT FROM PERU – UFO sightings and videos from Peru by the Proyecto UFO team.

MCMINNVILLE – The most famous UFO photo-case in UFO history is looked at by Karl Korff.

30TH ANNIVERSARY RENDLESHAM LECTURES – John Hanson gives us an account of the recent lectures in Suffolk.

MAHABHARATA – Is there proof of ancient astronauts in the ancient Indian text? Jijth Nadumuri Ravi examines the evidence.

And much, much more…

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