UFO Matrix Magazine Issue 3 is available online at PocketMags! To purchase and view you can click here.

To purchase a printed copy of this issue (UK Only), click on the PayPal logo below and send your payment of £9.99. Postage costs are included in this price, and we will endeavour to post your order to you within 2 working days.

In UFO Matrix Issue 3, Malcolm Robinson takes a new perspective on The Livingston Incident, and David Slater also gives a possible explanation for The Livingston Incident and discusses Spaceships, Spheres, and the Devils Herb.

Also featured is an exclusive from John Hanson on the Porter’s Wood UFO Landing, Suffolk, in December 1980, and Gary Heseltine updates us on his attempt to turn the Rendlesham Forest events in to a movie and his recent meeting with Colonel Halt. A scientific view of the Rendlesham Forest incident is looked at by Astrophysicist Andrew Pike, and Dr David Clarke also offers a sceptical view of Rendlesham Forest.

Steven S. Bass takes a look at Cash Landrum, a unique close encounter case from USA that took place around the same time as the Rendlesham event, and Roger Leir details two surgeries to remove alleged alien implants. 


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