Featured in this issue:

BACKLIGHT – Hackney, Limehouse & Millwall. More forgotten UFO sightings examined by Mike Hallowell

UFOLOGY, RELIGION AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE – Marco Aurélio de Seixas takes a look at the links between these three disciplines.

1945 UFO CRASH PART 2 – UFO crash at San Anotonio – Conclusion by Paola Harris.

UFOS AT CUCKMERE HAVEN Patti Rayfield details some of the strange encounters she experienced near the Sussex coast.

SOUTH AFRICAN UFOS Cristo Louw provides a potted history of UFO events in his home country.

OZ COLUMN – UFOs in New Zealand. A look at the official UFO files.

NICK POPE COLUMN – Politics, Business & Alien Life. A report on the Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia.

UFO CULTS – Carrie Ann Wilcox looks at some of the cults that have grown around the UFO subject.

A TURKISH MOTHMAN – Farah Yurdozu discusses the ancient Turkish diety Pazuzu.

CLAS SVAHN – The Gods Will Land Again. An interview with Erich von Daniken.

UFO INVASION – Chris Capps details a UFO flap across the USA in July 2010.

And much, much more.

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