Mindscape Magazine

Mindscape is a content-rich publication that features detailed articles on all your favourite subjects, from conspiracy theories and alternative health, to lost civilisations and ancient mysteries. Each issue brings together experts and enthusiasts for a vibrant, contemporary view of the most mysterious and exciting subjects on earth.

We have already featured many of the famous and infamous in the esoteric and alternative worlds, such as David Icke, Erich von Däniken, Nick Pope, John Major Jenkins, Anthony Peake, Robert Eisenman, Robert Feather and a plethora of fresh and provocative new voices.

If you are interested in the truth behind the cover up and conspiracy, if you want to learn about alternative views on health, politics and world affairs, if you want to hear about the latest discoveries in the world of archaeology, and if you want to discover the latest on the mysteries of the mind and paranormal, then this is the magazine for you.

Mindscape has more content, more provocative colour images, and more new insight than any other magazine of its kind.

Mindscape is seeking new writers or bloggers to come together and help us shake humanity out of its collective apathy.

It’s all about mind over matter. You matter, so don’t just follow the revolution. Be the revolution. Read Mindscape!

Mindscape is now available on all major digital platforms. Make your purchases here, download the app for your platform, login to it, then enjoy your favourite magazine in one place, on your favourite device!

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