Mindcape 5 Cover High Res

Your complete guide to the 2012 Phenomenon. Articles from Erich Von Daniken, John Major Jenkins and many more. Covering the Biblical apocalypse, potential cataclysms, global economic meltdown, the agenda of the illuminati and the truth about the Maya.

This is a broad look at 2012 and its implications, is it all hype? Is there substance to the prophecies? We look at every angle, and uncover some shocking truths. Theories debunked, others vindicated, it pays to be in the know regarding this epic year.

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Mindscape 3 Cover High Res

Without our unique human consciousness, you and I would be sitting in a tree eating bananas.

The ability to think beyond the next banana is a gift. We’re all guilty of taking this gift for granted. The moments of sheer awe and elation we experience when we make this discovery or connection between elements of the mystery, balances out the less pleasant elements of consciousness.

One person who never stops making connections is Anthony Peake. An author and explorer in the largest, least discovered realm in the known universe: Peake’s work on Near Death Experiences and immortal consciousness make fascinating and provocative reading.

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Mindscape 2 Cover High Res

This is our second issue of Mindscape Magazine full of fascinating articles such as The Science of Imaginary Solutions, The Shambhala Warrior, In Search of Lost Gods, America and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Meet the Ancestor, The Real Grail Trail, The Limitations of Language, The Sacred Bee and much more!

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