Mindscape 6 Cover High Res

Features in Issue 6 Include:

Totalitarianism and Thought Control – How the masses have been manipulated throughout history.

Shhhh – Questioning the notions of society, control and democracy.

Little Voices in My Head – Where do they originate, and what is their history?

Forbidden Science – Science is now revered as the ultimate knowledge, but is it?

It’s the Prohibition Stupid – The facts about hemp and cannabis; exposing official ignorance.

Sea of Consciousness – What is consciousness and can we ever fully understand it?

Spear and the Grail – The Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny: In pursuit of answers.

Ormus – Tracing the alchemical and historical roots of Ormus.

Allergic to Modern Living – Combating modern ailments with vibrational healing.

Esoteric Symbolism – Exploring the concept of esoteric symbolism as portrayed and hidden in mainstream media.

And many more, expand your Mindscape today!

Mindscape Magazine Issue 6 is available on PocketMags! To view and purchase you can click here.

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