Mindscape 11 Cover High Res

In this issue, we celebrate our exciting recent collaboration with the Tesla Society UK, and with our shared focus, we will endeavour to more deeply explore the far reaching implications of Nikola Tesla’s work and genius, a true understanding of which will reveal a new depth in the workings of the universe, understanding the mechanisms of which, have the ability to take us well into the future of Free Energy! You are sure to enjoy Tesla Society UK Editor – Adam Bull’s personable and in-depth writing on the genius that was Nikola Tesla, in his eloquent piece – That Guy Called Tesla.

We also revel in exploring the landscapes of the mind to reveal a treasure trove of possibilities just waiting to be uncovered within the mysteries of the mind and the experience of the observer. We welcome Robert Torres with his interconnected writings – Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-Creator. Here, we explore and seek to better understand synchronicity and how we can align ourselves and allow for these synchronistic experiences to unfold within our own lives. From there, Danielle La Verité offers a deeply tangible accessibility into the Laws of Attraction, a subject that many of you will agree – seems to be a very difficult endeavour to actualise for ourselves. Danielle’s teaching here, is a guiding insight into how to ‘Own’ your own creations and manifest from true focus

Our wonderful and well respected regular contributor at Mindscape Magazine, the multi-talented author, Global Freedom Movement Radio Host and DNA Potentiator (amongst many other talents) Brendan D. Murphy, takes us through his fascinating journey outlining his experiences using a sound-based Shamanic healing technique in Diary of a DNA Potentiator. We also feature the Global Freedom Movement Radio Interview of James Pask – by the incredible dynamic duo that is Brendan D Murphy and Aimee Devlin – in an engrossing and enlightening venture into the fascinating subject of Hyper-Dimensional healing, available to view on our newly added feature of clickable video links within Mindscape Magazine, offering a deeper access into added content and more in-depth material for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Derrick Scott van Heerden – a welcome and deep-thinking newcomer here at Mindscape Magazine, uncovers the universal laws that govern life and the universe through sound and frequency and takes us through the incredible Law of Octaves, which puts us on a path of understanding, as to the interconnectedness of all things. Derrick’s intricate and revealing work here reveals a deeper understanding of the fundamental structure and basis of our universe, in Part One of Life, the Universe and Sound Frequency… and from sound and frequency, we continue Anthony Morris’ expansive journeying into numbers and their fundamental importance, revealing how numbers and mathematics form the basis of all life in Part Two of his brilliant and revealing piece – the Numerical Universe. As you can see, the focuses within this issue all point to a similar, yet distinctly different vein of interconnectedness that flows throughout life, throughout our world… and throughout us all.

We open our eyes to the full spectrum of possibilities as we explore a controversial and challenging piece by one of our regular contributors to Mindscape Magazine, with the writings of Ralph Ellis and his radical reassessment of Arthurian History in this fascinatingly detailed exploration into how the history of King Arthur was modelled upon the life of Jesus. Explore the thought-provoking writings here – the story of how King Arthur and his gallant knights became a compilation of two histories blended together, who’s true, original decipherment was almost next to being an impossibility – until now.

Our regular contributor, the wonderful Deborah Mahmoudieh, reveals how we have the ability to embody and also unleash the true abundance in compassion contained within us all, by understanding the universal creative forces that govern nature and by embracing and living life through the abundance of compassion and freedom. We trust you will thoroughly enjoy getting lost in the landscape of the mind in this wonderful issue of Mindscape Magazine.

Mindscape Magazine Issue 11 is available on PocketMags! To view and purchase you can click here.

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