Lauretta Sela, Editor of Mindscape Magazine

Lauretta Sela

Lauretta has spent years in her personal life searching for answers to the big questions that have yet to be found in their entirety… the biggest question being: What is the Meaning of Life? This has opened up a Pandora‚Äôs Box of more questions every step of the way, and continues to do so. This is something, that from a very early age, has been a constant area of questioning, leading her to a deeper curiosity, propelling her to a constant striving to further this ambition and quest for knowledge through experience. Her interests include metaphysics, delving deeper into consciousness and the mind/body/spirit connection, and energy and its relationship to consciousness, with psionics being a particular point of interest and how these two subjects intersect… Which has led to ever more questions, in particular: What does it mean to be human? Lauretta is married and has three young children. Lauretta has recently expanded her scope of interests, by recently being appointed as the new Editor for Mindscape Magazine, a role which will no doubt help her branch out into deeper levels of enquiry on her quest to possibly answering some of the BIG questions in life!

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