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Mindscape Issue 12

Mindscape Magazine Issue 12 is available on PocketMags! To view and purchase you can click here!

Welcome to Issue 12 of Mindscape Magazine, where we offer you an eclectic and diverse mix of views, explorations and many varied and in-depth venturings into the perceived knowns – the unexpected, and the unknown. We seek to cover many angles, featuring topics that we all want to know more about and explore further, along with you, if you dare! In this issue we delve into many diverse facets of life and our place within this universe, collectively as well as individually, by looking at the world with fresh eyes, and what it means to live our lives in ways that expand us all.

This issue is jam-packed with rich content and a varied mix of perspectives, with a vein of inter-connectedness running through all – allowing us to see separate parts of the whole more clearly. We feature some amazing and captivating writings by some wonderful new contributing authors to Mindscape Magazine, from sound-based healing and the amazing BioAccoustic research of Sharry Edwards, who’s work spans over 20 years. Her focus on vocal profiling via voice spectral analysis – revealing how it can be, and is being used as a tool, to interpret the dynamic and complicated frequency interactions within the body – allowing for ways to predict and also treat various health issues. These incredible techniques also provide a rich insight into the possibility that the math-based bio-markers contained in the vocal patterns present a holographic representation of the human body!

We also have Part 2 in Derrick Scott van Heerden’s brilliant and in-depth exploration into Life, the Universe and Sound Frequency, by delving into the imprint of sound and musical harmony that reveals how Sacred Geometry really is frozen musical harmony, or that musical harmony is vibrating Sacred Geometry, using the intrinsic patterns and formulae found throughout nature, showing us a rich interconnectedness of all things.

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Mindscape Issue 11

Mindscape Magazine Issue 11 is available on PocketMags! To view and purchase you can click here!

In this issue, we celebrate our exciting recent collaboration with the Tesla Society UK, and with our shared focus, we will endeavour to more deeply explore the far reaching implications of Nikola Tesla’s work and genius, a true understanding of which will reveal a new depth in the workings of the universe, understanding the mechanisms of which, have the ability to take us well into the future of Free Energy! You are sure to enjoy Tesla Society UK Editor – Adam Bull’s personable and in-depth writing on the genius that was Nikola Tesla, in Part One of his eloquent piece – That Guy Called Tesla.

We also revel in exploring the landscapes of the mind to reveal a treasure trove of possibilities just waiting to be uncovered within the mysteries of the mind and the experience of the observer. We welcome Robert Torres with his interconnected writings – Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-Creator. Here, we explore and seek to better understand synchronicity and how we can align ourselves and allow for these synchronistic experiences to unfold within our own lives. From there, Danielle La Verité offers a deeply tangible accessibility into the Laws of Attraction, a subject that many of you will agree – seems to be a very difficult endeavour to actualise for ourselves.

Our wonderful and well respected regular contributor at Mindscape Magazine, the multi-talented author, Global Freedom Movement Radio Host and DNA Potentiator (amongst many other talents) Brendan D. Murphy, takes us through his fascinating journey outlining his experiences using a sound-based Shamanic healing technique in Diary of a DNA Potentiator. We also feature the Global Freedom Movement Radio Interview of James Pask – by the incredible dynamic duo that is Brendan D Murphy and Aimee Devlin – in an engrossing and enlightening venture into the fascinating subject of Hyper-Dimensional healing.

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Mindscape Issue 10

In this issue, we explore the frontiers of the mind, science, mathematics, history, sound and frequency in their myriad expressions in vibration and form. With fascinating insights and explorations into many varied aspects of sound and frequency – that invisible and sometimes unheard component of life that unknowingly affects us all in our daily lives – sound, thought to be the first emanation of life! There are still so many mysteries in this vast universe for us to discover and explore – one of the greatest being ourselves. In this issue we take an in-depth look into how sound, frequency and vibration affects us, and how it impacts on the human EM field.

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Mindscape Issue 9

Mindscape Issue 9 takes an in-depth journey into Egypt and Egyptology – viewing this vast subject and enigmatic location from multiple perspectives, hoping to tweak your imagination and maybe even put aside assumptions you may have been led to believe in the past, possibly even opening up whole new ways of looking at this wondrous and seemingly elusive subject.

Mindscape 9 Cover

Mindscape Issue 8

We take a fascinating and in depth look into the mass possibility of Physical Immortality in Part 1 of a brilliant article by Dr Janni Lloyd, we explore the wonderous advances and research into Cymatics with John Stuart Reid, Inventor of the Cymascope where we delve into sound and vibration and its scientific applications in research, as well as a thought provoking and unique journey into the workings of electricity by author and inventor Adam Bull.

Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman look into the fascinating subject of the Resonance of Reality, and from there we dive head first into a grand exploration of The Holographic Universe with author Brendan D. Murphy.

We also look at the possibility of the Bible being based on Astrology by Ralph Ellis… and so much more!

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Mindscape Issue 7

Our 7th Issue is packed with in depth and thought provoking pieces, from Facing our Fears, to Ancient Cosmology, Celestial Motions and its effects on consciousness, the real power of money and the hold it is having over us, to Secret Society Symbolism, to the profound effects that music has on our lives, to delving into DNA Activation, the Great Pyramid and the alleged Zionist-Masonic conspiracy, to Stellar Consciousness, the daring antics of the Yes Men, the Power of Love and much more!

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Mindscape Issue 6

Features in Issue 6 Include:

Totalitarianism and Thought Control – How the masses have been manipulated throughout history.

Shhhh – Questioning the notions of society, control and democracy.

Little Voices in My Head – Where do they originate, and what is their history?

Forbidden Science – Science is now revered as the ultimate knowledge, but is it?

It’s the Prohibition Stupid – The facts about hemp and cannabis; exposing official ignorance.

Sea of Consciousness – What is consciousness and can we ever fully understand it?

Spear and the Grail – The Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny: In pursuit of answers.

Ormus – Tracing the alchemical and historical roots of Ormus.

Allergic to Modern Living – Combating modern ailments with vibrational healing.

Esoteric Symbolism – Exploring the concept of esoteric symbolism as portrayed and hidden in mainstream media.

And many more, expand your Mindscape today!

Mindscape 6 Cover

Mindscape Issue 5

Your complete guide to the 2012 Phenomenon. Articles from Erich Von Daniken, John Major Jenkins and many more. Covering the Biblical apocalypse, potential cataclysms, global economic meltdown, the agenda of the illuminati and the truth about the Maya.

This is a broad look at 2012 and its implications, is it all hype? Is there substance to the prophecies? We look at every angle, and uncover some shocking truths. Theories debunked, others vindicated, it pays to be in the know regarding this epic year.

Mindscape 5 Cover

Mindscape Issue 4

Helicopter pilot Captain Robert Fore opened a doorway of terror when he found himself face to face with the most ancient, isolated and hostile tribe on the planet.

Thirty years on, Dennis Price reopens the passage with a fascinating interview, and one that is not for the squeamish.

The spiritualist and shamanic healer Dawn Bramadat opened a portal in the Orkneys with her mind, and ritual. What she discovered was both moving and ancient.

Robert Feather reminds us how common it was for the ancients to leverage drugs as a vehicle to opening doors that were otherwise invisible.

Mindscape 4 Cover

Mindscape Issue 3

Without our unique human consciousness, you and I would be sitting in a tree eating bananas.

The ability to think beyond the next banana is a gift. We’re all guilty of taking this gift for granted. The moments of sheer awe and elation we experience when we make this discovery or connection between elements of the mystery, balances out the less pleasant elements of consciousness.

One person who never stops making connections is Anthony Peake. An author and explorer in the largest, least discovered realm in the known universe: Peake’s work on Near Death Experiences and immortal consciousness make fascinating and provocative reading.

Mindscape has evolved and changed already, and now at issue 3 we are starting to find our feet and our voice. This is a truly independent magazine, a rare commodity these days, and a truly exciting prospect. Mindscape. There’s a whole universe in there.

Mindscape 3 Cover

Mindscape Issue 2

This is our 2nd issue of Mindscape Magazine full of fascinating articles such as The Science of Imaginary Solutions, The Shambhala Warrior, In Search of Lost Gods, America and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Meet the Ancestor, The Real Grail Trail, The Limitations of Language, The Sacred Bee and much more!

Mindscape 2 Cover

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