UFO Matrix Magazine Issue 7 is available online at PocketMags! To purchase and view you can click here.

To purchase a printed copy of this issue (UK Only), just click on the PayPal logo below and send your payment of £9.99. Postage costs are included in this price, and we will endeavour to post your order to you within 2 working days.

Featured in this issue:

NEWS DESK – Malcolm Robinson casts his eyes over the latest ufological items making the news.

BRAZIL: – THE FORGOTTEN CASES Whenever we can at UFO Matrix we like to bring you UFO cases that have been forgotten about. Thiago Ticchetti does exactly that from Brazil.

UFO’S AND DISNEY – Have the powers-that-be influenced film makers ?

WESTALL PT.2 – Shane Ryan concludes his two-part feature on the UFO landing case from Australia in 1966.

THE MUCHALLS UFOS – Tom James Moir details his own sighting from Muchalls in North-East Scotland.

SPOTLIGHT – Michael Hallowell delves into UFO cases, films and photographs that are currently causing a lot of debate.

CLAS SVAHN – Interviews the Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

MoD X-FILES – Former MoD UFO expert and UFO MATRIX columnist Nick Pope Does not believe that the movie makers have been influenced by anyone from the corridors of power.

OZ COLUMN – Lee Paqui & Sheryl Gottschall ask ‘Why no crop circles down under ?’

THE ALIENS VANISHING ACT – Ahmad Jamaludin discusses entity cases where the entities simply ‘vanish’.

BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE – Brian Allan discusses the idea that UFOs are very much part of paranormal phenomena.

PROOF AT LAST? Are UFO landings proof at last of ET visitation?

And much, much more!


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